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Fec, Thinking he's in the Get-ho, when in reality hes in a suburban Winnipeg driveway. BTW, the Impala is in reality 6 metres long, despite how it looks... – 474 views
Fec Fell Asleep... and couldnt even get into the dumpster... any of them... Symes Refuse Transfer Station, Toronto. – 419 views
Feccie n the Ford Tractor. He actually knew how to drive it... bloody country boy. – 392 views
Where He Bloody Well Belongs! – 418 views
Picture 002-1.jpg
Shadowhappy. The Cameron School, Crows Nest Pass, Alberta. – 393 views
Picture 002.jpg
This Way Go Up (The Revitalisation of) The Canada Malting Plant, Toronto – 380 views
Picture 001-2.jpg
White Blown Air. Lakeview Power Station, Toronto – 398 views
Picture 001.jpg
Ever Buoyant – 693 views
Picture 003.jpg
The Malt Plant Kings. – 369 views
Picture 002-4.jpg
A League of Extraordinary... Brewery Explorers. – 418 views
Picture 003-3.jpg
Siologen Thwarted? Surely not by Albertan Explorers? (props to Quantum X) – 442 views
Picture 010-4.jpg
Boo! – 371 views
Picture 010-1.jpg
Fan Blade Vanishing Point – 447 views
Picture 010.jpg
Malt Plant Kings (Self Proclaimed) With Humble Bodyguards – 390 views
Sudden Emergence. I hate it when manhole lids get frozen shut. – 412 views
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